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Summer Flower Care

If your gardens are anything like mine, they’ve burst into bloom with more flowers than you know what to do with. The wet winter and long spring felt like they would never end this year, […]

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August Gardening Inspiration

Greetings, gardeners! What’s happening in your fields and gardens and window boxes right now? I know some of you out there are at a loss for what to do. Spring crops like sweet peas, sweet […]

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My Steps To Planting A Peony Field Of Dreams In The North Bay

Last fall, I decided to grow my little farm and go big with a field of peonies. Some say they don’t grow well in our area, but I had already grown a few hundred with […]

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Lasting Effects of the Late Spring on Local Farmers

If you know run in a crowd with a lot of farmers or backyard gardeners, you know that the word on the street is all about the wacky late season this year, all due to […]

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How To Take Care Of Your Garden In The Heat

What a week it’s been in the North Bay! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been busy just keeping my field and greenhouse watered down. I’m not even thinking about the […]

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Making The Most Of A Shade Garden

It’s not too hard to create a thriving garden in an open sunny yard. Plants that love the sun aren’t hard to come by, and any local garden center is quick to display a wide […]

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A Mother’s Day Tour Of West Sonoma County

Who out there has made fabulous plans for mother’s day? And who plans to just throw something together last minute, solving problems of procrastination with a last-minute bouquet and maybe prayers for a short a […]

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Time to Start Garden Seeds for Summer!

At my farm, we just finished up the first round of seeding in the greenhouse to get ready for all our heat-tolerant summer crops. Some of these crops just take so long to grow, that […]

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The End of the Rain

With this past week’s stressful forecast of more rain, my heart sunk as I looked out over the already-saturated fields. Farmers all around the area are struggling to keep their employees busy, finding inside work […]

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Breaking Ground in a New Garden

In my last post, we began our new series, How To Start A Garden, with some back end planning work. I suggested that you get a soil test done, draw a map of your space, […]

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