Donation Policy

Grab N’ Grow is proud to serve our local communities by donating soil, compost, or mulch material to local schools and community organizations which further youth education in the horticultural and agricultural trades, or organizations which support wildlife and nature restoration.

To qualify, the use of donated materials must offer educational benefits to those working with it. Material donated to local schools must fall within Sonoma County limits and should be used by students in gardening programs that are school-sanctioned. Community based programs which educate residents and community members about the importance of growing quality food and sustainable agricultural practices are also eligible for donations. All community organizations must hold current 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.

Donations are typically limited to 1-2 a year per school or community organization. Requests for school landscaping materials will not be granted. We ask those receiving material donations from Grab N’ Grow to document its use by a story in your organization’s newsletter or social media channels, and allow us to take photographs of the material being applied. We provide donation signage for all receiving parties.

Please review the following instructions when making a donation request:

  • All donation requests must be submitted through the form below.
  • Please describe the education program that will benefit from the donated material, how the material will be used, and how many students or community members will be involved.
  • Indicate which type of material your project needs the date you would like to pick up the donated material. Please note that Grab N’ Grow cannot donate trucking, but we are happy to suggest a local third-party hauler if you need it brought to your school or community site.

If you have any questions regarding the donation process, you can contact Brett via email You will be notified by phone or email within four weeks of submitting if the donation is granted. Thank you for giving Grab N’ Grow the opportunity to donate to your great project.

  • Fill out the name of the organization submitting this request.
  • Please list information about your organization, what materials you are requesting and what they will be used for, as well as any opportunities for advertisements.
  • Please detail what specific material you need and exactly how much.
  • Are you a 501c3 organization?