5 Things To Do in Your Fall Garden

Well, Californians, we’ve made it to the rainy season! While it’s hard for some of us to make it out into the garden this time of year, there’s actually plenty to get done. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Prepare Beds For Spring

For my first few years of farming, I never had enough time in the fall to prepare beds for spring. I’ve finally learned that it’s worth the extra effort to weed, amend, till, and cover a few beds with tarps or plastic to be ready for spring planting. This is one major area where no-till farmers remain the smartest farmers around. Check out our old post about Red H Farm and the methods they use to get ahead of a wet spring.

  • Plant Strawberries

Here in our warm-ish climate, fall is the best time to plant strawberries. If you’ve got some dry (ish) garden space, it’s not too late! For more details, check out our post on growing strawberries.

  • Spread Compost

Whether you’re dealing with mostly annuals, or perennials, or a mix, your whole garden could benefit from a heaping dose of compost applied in the fall. If you need some inspiration, you can read more here.

  • Start Sowing Seeds for Slow-Growing Spring Plants

While many garden seeds don’t need to be started until the new year, there are some slow-growing plants out there that would benefit from an early start. Here’s our handy seed-starting guide if you need a quick refresh.

  • Clean Up!

While it may feel like there’s no time this holiday season to clean up the garden, you’ll thank yourself ten times over in the spring if you just dig in and do it now. Is it obvious that I’m trying to talk myself into it? Here are some ideas for those of us who need a little kick in the butt!