About Us

In 1960 a horticultural genius named Julious Gonisor started the first soil yard in Sonoma County, a sunny little piece of land in west Santa Rosa named Grab N’ Grow Soil Products. Julious made Grab N’ Grow famous by perfecting specialty, hand-crafted blends for local nurseries and home owners. We still have all of Julious’ old recipe cards, some for nurseries that don’t even exist anymore! We keep the framed cards as a testament to Julious’ talents in the garden and his love for Sonoma County agriculture.

Today, even though Juilous is no longer with us, Grab N’ Grow is still operated with his spirit and love for quality soil in mind. In 2010, Grab N’ Grow joined Soiland Company and expanded its offerings to include organic compost made in our yard and mulch products. Along with Stony Point Rock Quarry in Cotati and Soils Plus in Sonoma, Grab N’ Grow has helped Soiland Company make a wider selection of aggregate and soil products available to Sonoma County residents, landscapers, and contractors. Please call or visit any of our locations for more information on how we can help you complete your next project.

We have hand-crafted, high-quality soil, compost, and mulch for gardeners, landscapers and farmers in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We’re proud of the quality and originality of these mixes and are honored to share them with our Grab N’ Grow family in Sonoma County and beyond.