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A New Year, A New Garden

Gardens are pretty unique in that they can start over each new year, almost from scratch.  With some crops, it can turn into a huge frustration, especially if it’s something that you only get one […]

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10 Ways To Get Your Garden Ready For Winter

Even though our fall rains were late this year (and thank goodness for them), I was so busy getting other work done that I didn’t have the time to fully prepare the garden. It leaves […]

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California Wildfire Resources

It’s hard to know what to say during another difficult season of fires. I’d like to take this opportunity to point you all towards a few resources that we’ve put together around positive community action […]

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Planting a Field of Peonies

I’ve been wanting to plant lots of lots of peonies ever since I started B-Side Farm about five years ago. They’re a perennial that takes a long time mature, and you aren’t even supposed to […]

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Time To Dig The Dahlias

When I first moved to California, I didn’t understand the rampant obsession with dahlias on the West coast. To me, dahlias just seemed too obvious a flower. Too decadent and showy. Fast forward seven years, […]

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What To Do With A Wet Garden

If you’ve got east coast gardeners in your life, you surely know that they’ve had a rough season. Flower farmers I know in Pennsylvania report weeks and weeks of constant deluge, with no sun in […]

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September Garden Cleanup

September is a confusing time in the garden. Depending on the particular year and its weather, some summer crops could be just starting to flower and fruit, or they could have come and gone already. […]

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Your Questions Answered: Dry Farming

Through the years, we’ve gotten lots of great gardening questions. In our new blog series Your Questions Answered, we’ll tackle one subject matter at a time and help you gardeners out there learn everything there […]

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Tips For A Great Wine Barrel Garden

Being a farmer who grows flowers (and previously vegetables, in what feels like a past life) straight in the dirt of the field, I have to admit that I haven’t always been the best backyard […]

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