Nine Things To Jump Start Your Garden

IMG_7306It’s spring! Time to get out into the garden, no matter how much you’ve neglected it over the winter (and I know I’m not just speaking for myself here). But what to do, how to dive in? Here are ten things you can do right now to dive into the season.

  • Buy or make some compost, and apply it liberally to all of your garden beds! Perennials will thank you, empty bed space will be refreshed, and the entire garden will get a good dose of nutrition.
  • Mulch any perennials or landscaped areas. Mulch has so many virtuous properties, moisture retention and insolation for harsh weather being just a few.
  • Invest in a new irrigation setup. If you’re still hand-watering with hoses, dragging them behind you and leaving destruction in your wake, it’s time to visit your local gardening store and see what else you could use this season.
  • Go seed shopping and try some new things this season. If you haven’t been to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in a while, it’s time to stop in for a visit and pick up some new varieties.
  • Expand the vegetable garden this year. Have any corners of the garden that have gone neglected or underused? Why not dig into them and grow more veggies?
  • Tackle drainage issues and build a berm for perennial plantings. There’s no reason soggy wet winters need to keep your plants down.
  • Divide old perennial plantings for increased vigor and yields this season. If it’s been in the ground for 3+ years, chances are it will benefit from division.