Mango Mulch Organic Compost®

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A unique soil conditioner and fertilizer in one, this is what we’re famous for! Mango Mulch improves soil texture, and is nutrient rich. This organic compost is great for fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and flowers. It doesn’t have any mangos in it, but it does contain organic horse and cow manure, grape pomace, rice hulls, greensand, and soft rock phosphate. All of our manures are sourced locally in Sonoma County and tested for contaminants down to the parts per billion at the source site.

You can incorporate Mango Mulch into your garden with several methods. Use as a top dressing (2-3 inches) for all the advantages a mulch provides, such as more constant soil temperature, increased water retention,  and weed suppression. If you have sandy soil, use Mango Mulch as a conditioner by mixing in up to 50% of the tilled depth. This method will supply the full N-P-K spectrum of nutrients and beneficial organisms while increasing the water holding capabilities of your soil.  If you have clay soil, follow the same method for sandy soils. Mango Mulch’s rice hulls and high humus content will increase aeration and drainage for clay soils.

NOTE: Our compost can contain varying levels of beneficial microbiology and can act as a favorable substrate. Given the right conditions it is possible that mushrooms may form.

Product Prices & Quantities:
Unit Price
Yard $61.75
Bag $18.00
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Compost & Amendments

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Common Measurements:

  • 200 gals = 1 Cubic Yard
  • 18 bags (1.5 CU. FT.) = 1 Cubic Yard
  • Planting in half wine barrels requires approximately 4 CU.FT. (3 bags) of material