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What Farmers Do in the Winter

People often wonder what farmers do in the winter. Let me tell you, while the cold months are undeniably a lot slower than the dog days of summer or the insane pace of late spring, […]

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Top 4 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Here we are in that familiar time of year where it’s suddenly frigid at night, the wind is whipping the leaves off trees, and the days are shockingly short – every day. As we move […]

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How to Capture, Reuse and Conserve Water

It’s important to think about how we can conserve water in our life, especially in California. We spent all summer talking about how to conserve water in the garden by making sure your soil is […]

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Meet Your Local Farmer: Interview with Wendy Krupnick

The first time I saw Wendy Krupnick was at an Ecofarm conference three years ago – just after I moved to Sonoma County to manage the farm at Petaluma Bounty. I was chatting with the […]

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Winter Gardening Tips

Winter Gardening Tips Well, it happened. Summer actually ended, and we’re steadily on our way toward winter. This week at Petaluma Bounty we’re harvesting the last few of the tomatoes – a process that takes […]

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Easy Ways to Preserve Your Harvest

Happy fall, gardeners! For me, we’ve reached that time of year when it’s hard not to look around and start to mourn the last days of summer’s bounty – red-ripe tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers galore. […]

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Cool Season Crops for a Fall Garden

It feels awkward, a little crazy, and just plain wrong to be thinking about cool season crops right after a heat spell. But, alas, that’s what’s happening and that’s what we’ve got to do if […]

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Late Summer Good Garden-Keeping

Late Summer Garden Maintenance Throughout the growing season, there are countless little decisions to make in the garden. Some come easily: this kale plant is covered in aphids to the point of no return, so […]

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Growing Your Own Peppers

Every year I freak out over any little thing that happens to my peppers during their long journey in the greenhouse through the months of February, March, April, and sometimes May. I find myself especially […]

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How to Grow Your Own Tea Garden Herbs

On these hot dog days of summer all I want to think about is a tall glass of refreshing herbal tea over ice. I dream of having a tea garden with thriving, deep green plants […]

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