Top Soils

Our top soils, or soil blends, are designed for in-ground, raised bed, or large container gardening. We generally define large container gardening as anything requiring over 45 gallons, such as half-wine barrels. These mixes are designed to have good water retention capabilities while still maintaining the proper level of aeration for your application. All our soil blends contain loam, making it a heavier mix than a potting soil that will not compact as easily. Please click the pictures below to learn more about our soil blends.

We are currently in our busy season at Grab N’ Grow and regularly sell out of many popular soil, compost, and mulch products. Please call ahead of time so we can check inventory levels if there is a specific product you are interested in. We can be reached at (707) 575-7275. If we miss your call, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can. Thank you in advance for your patience!

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  • All Green Planter Mix

    All Green Planter Mix Top Soil

    All Green Planter Mix is a top soil for most gardening applications. It is an artisan blend of our All Green Compost as the base and then we add loam and 5/16″ lava rock to create an ideal mix for green growth in lawns, trees, and shrubs. It is a great top soil mix to use when planting sod lawns, trees, and other landscaping features.

    Please call for availability, (707) 575-7275

  • Sonoma Premium

    Sonoma Premium

    Sonoma Premium is a great soil blend for ornamentals and veggies or herbs grown in raised beds. It’s a lightweight blend of sandy loam, forest products, aged chicken manure, compost, gypsum, and 15-15-15 nutrient mix. Its time-released fertilizer is easy on delicate flowers, but can also sustain many new garden installations including trees, shrubs and other landscaping applications.

    Please call for availability, (707) 575-7275

  • Sonoma Valley Organic Blend

    Sonoma Valley Organic Blend

    Sonoma Valley Organic Blend is perfect for raised bed or in-ground gardening, including organic vegetable gardens, herb gardens, berries, and roses. It is a light, free draining soil composed of forest mulch, loam, aged chicken manure, compost, red lava rock, delta sand, 7-5-7, gypsum, blood meal, Peruvian seabird guano,  worm castings, and oyster shell flour.

    Please call for availability, (707) 575-7275