Potting Soils

Our potting soils are specifically crafted for container gardening. We generally define container gardening as using anything smaller than 45 gallon pots. The potting soils we make at Grab N’ Grow are designed to have excellent draining capabilities to prevent root rot while still retaining the necessary amount of water and nutrients for healthy plant growth. Despite the name, potting soils characteristically have very little traditional soil ingredients, such as loam, because it makes these blends too heavy for small container applications. For this reason, several of our potting soils are actually soilless, meaning they contain no traditional soil ingredients like loam, sand, or clay. Please click the pictures below to learn more about our potting soils.

We are currently in our busy season at Grab N’ Grow and regularly sell out of many popular soil, compost, and mulch products. Please call ahead of time so we can check inventory levels if there is a specific product you are interested in. We can be reached at (707) 575-7275. If we miss your call, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can. Thank you in advance for your patience!

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  • North County Bounty ProGrower's Blend™

    North County Bounty ProGrower’s Agroponic Blend™

    North County Bounty ProGrower’s Agroponic Blend is pre-mixed with the proper ratios of high quality organic ingredients to create a light, aerated blend that is pH balanced for professional growers. This inert blend is suitable for use with all liquid nutrient programs. This lightweight soilless blend contains no fertilizers and is an excellent medium for indoor growing systems. The dolomite lime and oyster shell flour help balance pH, while the locally sourced lava rock and perlite maintains proper aeration. This blend contains coco fiber, lava rock, perlite, redwood fiber mulch, oyster shell flour, and dolomite lime.

    For those in the Cannabis growing industry, ProGrower’s is the perfect organic indoor gardening medium for all plants grown in hydroponic systems using a variety of container sizes. It provides the ideal conditions for growth while dramatically reducing the potential for inconsistent results.

    Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons to try ProGrower’s Agroponic Blend:

    • The mixture features triple-washed coconut coir—shredded coconut fiber contains large amounts of potassium.
    • Our hydration process ensures proper pH balance and minimum salinity.
    • Drains and dries quickly for an aggressive feeding schedule.
    • Regularly lab tested to ensure balance and quality of ingredients is maintained.

    You can incorporate ProGrower’s Agroponic Blend into your garden in a variety of ways. The simplest is to use this blend straight out of the bag in conjunction with your favorite liquid nutrient program. Some gardeners prefer to use this blend as a premium soilless base that can be amended into a super soil of your own design. It can even be used as a rooting medium for fresh cuttings.

    Please call for availability, (707) 575-7275


  • North County Bounty SoCO Blend®

    North County Bounty SoCO Blend (Soilless Mix)

    SoCO blend is a fully fertilized soilless mix for that is pH balanced for outstanding nutrient uptake, saving you both time and money. This soilless blend is designed for growing cannabis plants and required no additional fertilization for the first 40-60 days of growth. The lava rock and perlite present in this blend will create plenty of aeration and drainage, while redwood fiber mulch and peat moss retain moisture in between watering. SoCO Blend contains peat moss, redwood fiber mulch, perlite, 5/16″ lava rock, oyster shell flour, dolomite, bone meal, blood meal, Peruvian seabird guano, greensand, potassium nitrate, triple super phosphate, ferrous sulfate, ureaform, and trace minerals.

    For those in the cannabis growing industry, our product is specially formulated to yield maximum results with minimum effort.

    Plant directly into SoCO Blend or use the mix as an amendment to existing soil. However you decide to apply, our product is light-textured and fast draining to encourage robust root growth. Great for the hobbyist and large-scale grower alike, everything you need for a successful harvest is in the mix-just plant, water, and enjoy!

    Need more reasons to try this blend? Here’s a few:

    • pH adjusted for outstanding nutrient uptake
    • Requires no additional fertilization for 40-60 days
    • Contains no seeds, pathogens, insects or contaminants
    • Ensures exceptional aeration, texture and drainage
    • Lab tested to ensure consistent quality and effectiveness

    You can incorporate SoCO Blend into your garden in a variety of ways. The simplest is straight out of the bag for immediate use with plant starts or transplants. Some gardeners also use SoCO blend as a charged top dressing when needed.

    Please call for availability, (707) 575-7275

  • Organic Nursery Planter MIx

    Organic Nursery Planter Mix Potting Soil

    Organic Nursery Planter Mix is an ideal potting soil for organic herbs and vegetables.  You can use this blend for both indoor or outdoors plants because it provides excellent drainage, minimizes compaction, and the compost content provides the nutrients and organic matter necessary for healthy plant growth. Organic Nursery Planter Mix is OMRI listed and contains organic horse compost, 5/16″ minus red lava rock, 1/8″ minus red lava sand, 1/4″ minus fir bark, oyster shell flour, bone meal, blood meal, kelp meal, Azomite™, and soil sulfur.

    You can use Organic Nursery Planter Mix for all container gardening purposes. We generally recommend using this blend for container sizes ranging from 1-30 gallons. Fill container with blend, plant your started vegetable or herb variety, and water thoroughly. If you are using containers larger than 30-40 gallons, we recommend looking at our Top Soil selection.

    Please call for availability, (707) 575-7275