Sheet Mulching

lasagna-mulchSheet mulching, also known as Lasagna Mulching™, is a means of lawn removal by creating weed barriers using organic compost, mulch, and recycled cardboard. By layering these materials appropriately, you can effectively remove your heavy water-consuming lawn and leave behind rich, fortified soil for a new productive gardening space. During these drought-conscious times, this method is a great no-dig way to remove your lawn without having to haul any material off to a landfill.

The products you will need for a safe and effective sheet mulching include Grab N’ Grow’s organic Clean Green Compost, organic Arbor Mulch, and our recycled cardboard.

Our organic Clean Green Compost is made from clean green waste materials such as grass clippings, leaves, and brushes that landscape contractors and homeowners bring to our yard. We only accept clean green waste and all loads are inspected upon arrival in our yard. No municipal or curb-side waste is accepted. Once the materials are inspected, ground, and screened we compost them at a minimum of 131° for at least five days. Clean Green Compost is an important product for sheet mulching because it will condition your soil and break up any clay/adobe compaction that may be present beneath your existing lawn. 

Mulch, specifically our homemade organic Arbor Mulch, is the next vital ingredient you will need for an effective sheet mulching application. Arbor Mulch is OMRI listed and consists of soft woods such as pine, alder, fir, poplar, redwood, and acacia which are ground into small pieces that include “fines.” Arbor mulch is the perfect solution for moisture retention, weed suppression, and erosion control—all important components for a successful sheet mulching application.

And don’t forget the cardboard! We offer recycled cardboard rolls in the following sizes:

  • 3′ X 250′ $71.25
  • 4′ X 250′ $95.75
  • 6′ X 250′ $142.75

Why is thinking about sheet mulching so important right now? Sure, manicured lawns look attractive in the summertime and provide a play space for children. However, the problem is that lawns on average use up to 80% more water than low-water-use plants or drip-irrigation systems. By removing unproductive, thirsty lawns and reusing the space for a productive vegetable garden or drought-tolerant native plant garden you can conserve our precious water resources AND save money on your next utility bill!

Download the Grab N’ Grow Guide to Sheet Mulching for the best way to save money, save water, and optimize your gardening space! Click the button below to get your free how-to guide now.

Free Sheet Mulching Guide

To help make this an even better money and water saving opportunity, nearly all Sonoma County cities are offering a drought-special rebate program for homeowners and businesses who remove their turf or upgrade to a more efficient irrigation system.

Learn more about different city rebates here. 

  • Clean Green Organic Compost

    Clean Green Organic Compost

    Clean Green Organic Compost is made from 100% upcycled composted green waste material that landscapers and home owners bring to our yard. This material is fully composted, screened, and free of any added fertilizers. All of our green waste material is inspected thoroughly upon arrival for any contaminants such as garbage, dirt, plastic, sod, pampas grass, bamboo, manures, or rocks.  We do not accept any municipal green waste and we’re proud of the clean quality that we produce.

    You can incorporate Clean Green Organic Compost into your garden with several methods. Use it as a top dressing (2-3 inches) for all the advantages a mulch provides, such as more constant soil temperature, increased water retention, and weed suppression. If you have sandy soil, use Clean Green as a conditioner by mixing in up to 50% of the tilled depth. This method will provide high humus content that will provide increase the water holding capabilities of your soil.  If you have clay soil, follow the same method. Clean Green’s high humus content will increase aeration and drainage for clay soils.

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  • organic arbor mulch

    Organic Arbor Mulch

    Arbor Mulch is our organic homemade recycled mulch product, made from tree trimmings brought to us by local tree services. This mulch typically consists of pine, alder, fir, poplar, redwood, and acacia trees. These woods are fed into an industrial tub grinder to create usable mulch pieces. All of our tree waste material is inspected by hand upon arrival for any contaminants such as garbage, dirt, plastic, sod, pampas grass, bamboo, manures, or rocks. The material is then inspected again by hand when unloaded, a third time before it goes into our industrial tub grinder, and a final time after it is screened and moved to a bunker.

    Top dress with 2-3 inches of Arbor Mulch for an inexpensive solution for moisture retention, weed control, and erosion.  It’s particularly effective in hill side applications with high winds. Our Arbor Mulch has a natural forest floor appearance and the fines present in the material make it a comfortable, compacted walking surface.

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