How To Sheet Mulch

sheet mulching

Tired of looking at your dying lawn?  Quickly & easily remove it this summer with sheet mulching.  The process is simple: cover your lawn with compost, add a layer of cardboard and top with mulch.  You can plant right away or wait about 2 months for your lawn to die.  Some cities will even PAY you to remove your lawn! (Learn More Here)

Sure, manicured lawns look attractive in the summertime, however, lawns on average use up to 80% more water than low-water-use plants or drip-irrigation systems. By removing unproductive, thirsty lawns and reusing the space for a productive vegetable garden or drought-tolerant native plant garden you can conserve our precious water resources AND save money on your next utility bill!

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Save money, save water, and optimize your gardening space!