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First Light Farm Harvest, Sonoma County

Interview with Sonoma County’s First Light Farm

Parsley is the New Kale: A day with a local Sonoma County farmer “You’ll come through Bloomfield and approach Valley Ford. Turn right off the main road, continue up the hill and then down, and you’ll see the kale before you see me,” instructed Jesse Pizzitola, head farmer of First Light Farm, as I drove […]

How to Set Gardening Resolutions for a Better Harvest

Gardening Resolutions for 2015

How to Improve Your Home Garden in 2015 Before I became a farmer, I only had a vague awareness of the seasons. Sure, I bundled up in January, rode my bike more in June, and looked forward to fall’s scattering leaves, but I didn’t feel the shifts in my bones, and my daily life looked […]


Growing Food During Winter

How to Grow Food During Winter It hurts me to have to go out and buy produce instead of growing it myself. While it does mean that I get to go check out the farmers markets, support fellow farmers, and bring home crops that are new and unusual to me, it’s hard to swallow the […]


How to Build a Low Tunnel Greenhouse

How To Build A Low Tunnel Greenhouse at Home As the days get chilly, the rain pours down (hooray for rain!), and the nights get longer, it’s easy to crave the long days of summer when we could easily grow our own salad greens, kales, chards, arugulas, and spinach outside in our gardens. I’ve been […]


Making Compost at Home in 10 Easy Steps

How to Guide for Making Compost at Home The great thing about making compost at home is that you can do it any time of the year! You can save up materials, gather some more from your neighbors, and get a ton going at once, or you can slowly make compost piles by adding to […]

Photo source: The Messy Gardener

Growing Garlic in 8 Easy Steps

Growing Garlic at Home November is a strange month for those of us who work with the land. On our farm this year we aimed to get the old crops out of the field and composted, the ground tilled, and the cover crop sown by November first. But we all know what sometimes happens to […]

When to Harvest Winter Squash and Pumpkins

When to Harvest Winter Squash

When and How To Harvest Your Winter Squash I love writing this blog for so many reasons. One is that I get to take advantage of this platform and try to make you laugh with tales of my trials, tribulations and mistakes as a farmer. But perhaps a more salient reason is that I get […]

Turning cover crops back into the soil

Growing Cover Crops in Your Garden

Growing Cover Crops Farmers have long been sowing cover crops in their fields to promote healthy soil, and it’s time to bring this practice to home gardens! Cover crops are, quite simply, plants that you grow with the express purpose of feeding your soil. Growing cover crops is a great alternative to letting your soil […]


How to Prepare Your Garden for Fall

How to Prepare Your Garden For Fall I know I’m not the only one delighting in the first signs of fall in the air. Leaves on the ground are suddenly crisp and golden, the breeze has taken on a chill, and winter squash is appearing at farmers markets! Although many of us are still harvesting […]

Growing Red and Green Lettuce in Sonoma County

How to Grow Lettuce

How to Grow Lettuce in Sonoma County I was spoiled on growing lettuce in Santa Cruz, CA. Down there it’s lettuce country, people. The fog is no joke, and 80 degrees felt like a heat wave. We grew monstrous, succulent heads of Panisse – a buttery French variety as big as your head that could feed a […]