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Preserve Your Harvest and Pickle

Easy Ways to Preserve Your Harvest

Happy fall, gardeners! For me, we’ve reached that time of year when it’s hard not to look around and start to mourn the last days of summer’s bounty – red-ripe tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers galore. Come September I usually whip myself into a little frenzy trying to preserve all the harvest I can before the […]

Cool season Red Russian Kale from Table Top Farm.

Cool Season Crops for a Fall Garden

It feels awkward, a little crazy, and just plain wrong to be thinking about cool season crops right after a heat spell. But, alas, that’s what’s happening and that’s what we’ve got to do if we want to grow thriving fall gardens. Sometimes the most counterintuitive course of action is the best course of action […]

Grab N' Grow Late Summer Garden Care

Late Summer Good Garden-Keeping

Late Summer Garden Maintenance Throughout the growing season, there are countless little decisions to make in the garden. Some come easily: this kale plant is covered in aphids to the point of no return, so I’m going to yank it to keep the critters from spreading. But there are so many other times when I […]

Ripening Peppers

Growing Your Own Peppers

Every year I freak out over any little thing that happens to my peppers during their long journey in the greenhouse through the months of February, March, April, and sometimes May. I find myself especially protective over my growing peppers (read: insanely nit-picky) and watch their every minor change for signs of stress, disease, weakness, […]

Fresh mint leaves

How to Grow Your Own Tea Garden Herbs

On these hot dog days of summer all I want to think about is a tall glass of refreshing herbal tea over ice. I dream of having a tea garden with thriving, deep green plants that I can walk between and harvest from at all hours of the day, all year long. But we’ve all […]


The New Model of Farming Education at The Permaculture Skills Center

The Permaculture Skills Center sits on five acres of land just south of Sebastopol and serves as a demonstration site and educational institution dedicated to sharing regenerative land development and management practices. This summer, however, is a special time for the Permaculture Center as they are just a few weeks away from launching their newest […]

Aphids under leaf of bell pepper plant

Organic Pest Control: All About Aphids

It’s that time of year again: some plants are thriving in the garden, some are creeping along and we pray they’ll pull through, and a few just appear to be weak, bug-eaten, stressed, and damaged beyond repair. To help minimize the latter from happening in your garden this summer, today we’re talking about the little […]

A jar of B-Side Farm blooms

Best Flowers for a Cutting Garden

This week on the blog we’re talking about a topic very near and dear to my heart: growing flowers! I’ve been a full-time farmer for five years now, and only this year made the plunge to start B-Side Farm, my ¾ acre, one woman operation in Penngrove. Using tried-and-true principles of ecologically sound and sustainable […]


Understanding NPK Fertilizers

It’s that time of year where some plants in your garden are really starting to take off, and some are just hanging back, lingering in early stages of growth, turning weird shades of yellow or purple. ‘What does it all mean??!!’ you may ask yourself. Well, here on the Garden Club blog we want to […]