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April Fools’ For The Gardeners

By the look and feel of mid-afternoon in Sonoma County these days, it’s spring! You feel like you want to be out in the garden all day, digging, amending with compost, planting spring crops, and cutting fresh flowers to bring into the house. Even if the morning is chilly, by late in the day you […]


Grow Your Own Succulents

Californians and their succulents, man. They’re a people obsessed! I remember when I first moved out here a mere seven years ago and we were just on the cusp of the succulent rage. From weddings to gardens to plant shops to casual conversations, it seemed that succulents crept into every aspect of life in one […]

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Composters: Beware of Herbicides

Most of us don’t have to be convinced of the importance of compost in the garden. The list of benefits could fill a book. Compost does wonders for both building your soil long-term and for boosting your plants in the season you apply it. The first benefit of compost that comes to mind is organic […]


Most Romantic Flowers For Valentine’s Day

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like local, fresh, fragrant flowers that support sustainable farms, the local economy, fair labor practices, and small (often women-run) businesses. I can’t begin to express how excited I am that the classic (tight, sterile, odorless, lipstick-colored) red rose is finally going out of vogue. With almost 80% of flowers bought […]

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Bee-Friendly Flowers

It’s time to become bee-friendly! Most of us have a sense of just how important bees are for our ecosystem, not to mention our food supply. I’ve learned a lot of what I know about bees from my good friend Jordan who works as the lead horticulturalist out at Heidrun Meadery. If you haven’t already, […]

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The Real Importance of Earthworms

From a young age, we’re taught that earthworms are our friends. Out at Petaluma Bounty Farm, I worked (ehem, played) in the fields with what felt like millions of kids who hadn’t been exposed to many vegetable gardens before. And you know what, they too squealed in delight upon finding a worm! While there are […]

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A Gardener’s New Year’s Resolutions

With 2016 coming to an end very shortly, it’s time to reflect on this past year. As gardeners, either by hobby or trade, we’re inclined to look back on the little pieces of land we tended. But now is also a great time for looking ahead and preparing for the new and exciting 2017. Personally, I […]

amaryllis-winter flowers

My Favorite Winter Flowers

Some people mourn the end of tomatoes fresh from the garden as fall and winter creep in every year. For me, I’m just fine moving on to canned vegetables – it’s the end of the flowers that kills me. I’ve started to pay more attention to winter-blooming flowers with their subtle tones and seasonal scents. […]

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Holiday Gift Guide For The Gardener In Your Life

The Thanksgiving leftovers are almost finished, there’s a chill in the air, and if you happen to go into a store this week, you’re bombarded with Christmas music. Must be time to start thinking about gifts for the holidays! My family, like so many others, has started to tone down the gift tradition – focusing […]

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All About Persimmons

We’ve got a persimmon problem in Sonoma County. Come fall, it seems like any gathering you attend, any street corner you pass holds a huge basket of golden orange persimmons with a sign saying ‘Eat Me!’. So many people I know have moved onto properties with huge persimmon trees that just burst with beautiful fruit […]