Organic Nursery Planter MIx

Organic Nursery Planter Mix Potting Soil

Organic Nursery Planter Mix is an ideal potting soil for organic herbs and vegetables.  You can use this blend for both indoor or outdoors plants because it provides excellent drainage, minimizes compaction, and the compost content provides the nutrients and organic matter necessary for healthy plant growth. Organic Nursery Planter Mix is OMRI listed and contains organic horse compost, 5/16″ minus red lava rock, 1/8″ minus red lava sand, 1/4″ minus fir bark, oyster shell flour, bone meal, blood meal, kelp meal, Azomite™, and soil sulfur.

You can use Organic Nursery Planter Mix for all container gardening purposes. We generally recommend using this blend for container sizes ranging from 1-30 gallons. Fill container with blend, plant your started vegetable or herb variety, and water thoroughly. If you are using containers larger than 30-40 gallons, we recommend looking at our Top Soil selection.

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