Harvest Moon Organic Vineyard Compost

Our Harvest Moon Organic Vineyard Compost is made with the vintner in mind. It makes an excellent ground cover or serves as a great soil conditioner to revitalize existing soil. The simple blend of ground grape pomace, screened green debris, and oyster shell flour makes this compost potassium rich without high nitrogen fertilizers or manures added. Because this compost is manure-free,  it is a great choice for any veganic gardeners in Sonoma County who want to introduce nutrients to their garden without using animal by-products. All of our organic pomace is sourced from local Sonoma County wineries.

You can incorporate Harvest Moon Organic Vineyard Compost into your garden with several methods. Use as a top dressing (2-3 inches) for all the advantages a mulch provides, such as more constant soil temperature, increased water retention, and weed suppression. This organic vineyard compost will also introduce numerous beneficial organisms to your soil over time. If you have sandy soil, use Harvest Moon Organic Vineyard Compost as a conditioner by mixing in up to 50% of the tilled depth. This method will supply the full N-P-K spectrum of nutrients and beneficial organisms while increasing the water holding capabilities of your soil.  If you have clay soil, follow the same method for increased aeration and drainage.

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