Compost in the Vineyards

Using Compost in Your Vineyard

Studies have shown that using compost in vineyards can strengthen vines, increase yields, and acts as erosion control (source).  Compost is also great for water retention, contains beneficial micro-organisms, and can bind to toxins & metals in your soil.  Typical application is in the fall just after harvest & in the spring before bud break.

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  • Grab N' Grow Organic Compost

    Grab N’ Grow Organic Compost

    Grab N’ Grow Organic Compost is a nutrient rich soil conditioner that can also break up clay soil and provide moisture retention in sandy soil. It works as a great amendment for raised bed gardening.

    Our Grab N’ Grow Organic Compost is made from recycled green materials that landscapers and homeowners bring to us. This material is composted then blended with Azomite, Blood Meal, Dolomite, Feather Meal, Gypsum, Kelp Meal, Oyster Shell, Seabird Guano, Soft Rock Phosphate, Vermicompost and 7.5-5-7.5 organic fertilizer.

  • The Real McCoy Organic Compost

    The Real McCoy Organic Compost

    For those who love chicken manure’s high nitrogen content, this is the compost for you. It’s great for vegetables, fruits, and roses. The Real McCoy Organic Compost contains screened green waste, organic horse manure, organic chicken manure, ground grape pomace, rice hulls, oyster shell flour, greensand, soil sulfur, and Azomite™.

    You can incorporate this organic compost into your garden with several methods. Use as a top dressing (2-3 inches) for all the advantages a mulch provides, such as more constant soil temperature, increased water retention, weed suppression, and increased organic matter.  If you have sandy soil, use The Real McCoy as a conditioner by mixing in up to 50% of the tilled depth. This method will supply the full N-P-K spectrum of nutrients and beneficial organisms while increasing the water holding capabilities of your soil.  If you have clay soil, follow the same method. Real McCoy’s rice hulls and high humus content will increase aeration and drainage for clay soils.

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Looking for something specific?  Grab N’ Grow is proud to offer custom soil & compost blending and formulation.

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