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How to Prepare Your Garden for Fall

How to Prepare Your Garden For Fall I know I’m not the only one delighting in the first signs of fall in the air. Leaves on the ground are suddenly crisp and golden, the breeze has taken on a chill, and winter squash is appearing at farmers markets! Although many of us are still harvesting […]

Growing Red and Green Lettuce in Sonoma County

How to Grow Lettuce

How to Grow Lettuce in Sonoma County I was spoiled on growing lettuce in Santa Cruz, CA. Down there it’s lettuce country, people. The fog is no joke, and 80 degrees felt like a heat wave. We grew monstrous, succulent heads of Panisse – a buttery French variety as big as your head that could feed a […]

cucumber beetles

How to Prevent Cucumber Beetles in Your Garden

The Battle of the Beetle: How to Prevent Cucumber Beetles in Your Garden I’m sure there was a time, somewhere deep in my suburban youth, when I wasn’t aware of the cucumber beetle. There must have been, right? Life was surely a dream – sunny days, ice cream cones, one big frolic in fields of […]

lemon cucumbers

How to Grow Cucumbers

How to Grow Your Own Cucumbers In the heat of these Sonoma County August days, when the lettuce and volunteers begin to wilt, our thoughts over at Petaluma Bounty drift toward a break in the shade of the apple trees, cool dips in the ocean, and…cucumbers! Ah, the cucumber. So simple, so juicy, and somehow, […]