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wine barrel garden

Tips For A Great Wine Barrel Garden

Being a farmer who grows flowers (and previously vegetables, in what feels like a past life) straight in the dirt of the field, I have to admit that I haven’t always been the best backyard gardener. I would often let plants at home wither and die, outgrow their pots, or just generally beg me for […]


The 3 Best Plants For A Shade Garden

It seems that for every home gardener out there with a nice, big, flat sunny yard, there are five more who are just dying to get outside and plant but are cursed with deep shade covering most of their property. I can’t tell you how many questions I get on shade gardens and what to […]


How To Keep Your Garden Growing In A Heatwave

Summer’s really here, isn’t it? With a few little heat waves behind us and a few more up ahead, it’s important to keep a close eye on our gardens to make sure they stay happy and healthy. Here are some tried-and-true tips for not losing your mind and your garden during these hot days. Hold Off On […]

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Basil For Everyone! 

Welcome to summer! For me, nothing says summer like fresh herbs from the garden paired with summer veggies like squash and tomatoes. Basil has always stood out to me as a garnish that adds a fresh summer feeling to any dish. It wasn’t until I started farming that I learned of the world of basil […]


Summer Cover Crops

As summer approaches, it’s natural to invest a little more time in the garden. Any good garden maintenance plan involves building soil health because healthy soil grows healthy plants. Planting cover crops in your garden is a great way to rejuvenate your soil. I’ve talked before about planting cover crops in your winter garden, but […]


Sonoma County Garden Roses

For all the rose growers out there, you know that this second half of May is just about the best time of the year. As I’ve driven around the county this spring, I’ve been on the lookout for the first blooms of all different types of roses. The wild, rambling types come on before most […]

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Top 5 Mother’s Day Flowers

Flowers are so nostalgic for most of us, and it seems Mother’s Day comes up every year when all the sweet local spring flowers are at the height of their bloom! If you’re looking for something special for a mom in your life, this year why not surprise her with some flowers that will take […]


Earth Day Events 2018

With this gorgeous spring weather, Earth Day in the North Bay is bound to be one for the books. Get outside this weekend and celebrate with some of these great events around town! Check out these events and more here and don’t forget to stop by Grab N’ Grow for your FREE reusable grocery bag with […]


Ten Things To Jump Start Your Garden

It’s spring! Time to get out into the garden, no matter how much you’ve neglected it over the winter (and I know I’m not just speaking for myself here). But what to do, how to dive in? Here are ten things you can do right now to dive into the season. Buy or make some […]