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A jar of B-Side Farm blooms

Best Flowers for a Cutting Garden

This week on the blog we’re talking about a topic very near and dear to my heart: growing flowers! I’ve been a full-time farmer for five years now, and only this year made the plunge to start B-Side Farm, my ¾ acre, one woman operation in Penngrove. Using tried-and-true principles of ecologically sound and sustainable […]


Understanding NPK Fertilizers

It’s that time of year where some plants in your garden are really starting to take off, and some are just hanging back, lingering in early stages of growth, turning weird shades of yellow or purple. ‘What does it all mean??!!’ you may ask yourself. Well, here on the Garden Club blog we want to […]

Best practices or growing tomatoes

Best Practices for Growing Tomatoes

It’s mid-May, which means we all best be getting our tomatoes in the ground if we haven’t yet! Over at Petaluma Bounty we just planted around 300 of them in the ground and are getting ready to set up our trellis. I try not to stare at them for fear my hovering will slow down […]

Growing Strawberries

Growing Strawberries

Strawberries—juicy, sweet deliciousness that keeps us gardeners yearning for our favorite spring and summer months.  In fact we just harvested our first ripe berries of the season over at the Petaluma Bounty, sending pint after pint home with hungry-eyed volunteers during last Saturday’s 80 degree April squelcher. At the Bounty we grow some delicious berries […]


Growing Garden Peas in 4 Easy Steps

Grow Your Own Peas As the days get longer and our garden soils start to dry out, it’s time to get in there with some delicious spring crops. Who doesn’t love peas? Growing garden peas in a super easy way to ensure that there will always be a quick snack available in your garden. Vine […]

Seeds to Sow in Spring

Seeds to Sow in Spring

With the month of March comes the beauty of an extended day. Are any of you out there as thrilled about daylight savings as I am? I’ve been so busy this past month running from one farm to another, trying to use all available daylight to weed, thin, and get my fields in working order […]

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Common Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes – I’ve made a few! What about you all? Here on the Garden Club blog we’re beginning a series on gardening mistakes in the hopes that we can all learn something from sharing them! Below are some of the most common gardening mistakes I’ve noted thus far. Any of these sound familiar? Overworking the […]

Microgreens Growing Indoors

Guide to Growing Microgreens Indoors

Growing Microgreens Indoors at Home Welcome to February! While we’re one step closer to spring, winter is still a bit rough for many of us gardeners. I don’t feel quite like myself when I’m not getting my hands dirty and harvesting fresh vegetables and flowers to bring home. The winter season does have its value […]